DFPG Adds RCM Investments

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – ­­­­­­July 14, 2017 – DFPG Investments, Inc., a dually-registered independent broker-dealer and investment advisor, is pleased to announce that RCM Investments, located in Provo, Utah, has joined DFPG.

“We are thrilled about our new partnership,” noted Tony Riggs, founder and President at RCM Investments.  “DFPG will provide our clients with access to unique products and robust due diligence.  From their transition process to their branch-level support initiatives, DFPG was the clear leader among the many options we considered.”

Commenting on the RCM Investment news, DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix called 2017 a growth year, noting that DFPG has increased its total rep count by more than 13% through July.  “We’ve known the RCM team for a long time.  We also know who the other broker-dealers were that they were considering.  So this was a big win for us and I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them to the DFPG family.”

In addition to his role as CEO at DFPG, Mike Bendix is the past President of ADISA, a national association for investment professionals working in alternative and direct investments.  Bendix and his two business partners, Ryan Smith and Dan Luke, launched DFPG with the vision of creating a boutique broker-dealer that would specialize in working with representatives who want to incorporate alternative investments, with an emphasis in investment real estate, in their business.

Smith, DFPG’s President, says the firm’s recent growth is the result of several factors.  “Reps are on the move,” Smith said.  “I think the agitation behind the movement is a combination of many things.  There are some reps who need to make the move because their current broker-dealer is no longer providing the alternative products they need.  Others want to escape the juggernaut and return to a smaller and more boutique culture.  And then there are those reps who are moving because their broker-dealer is being acquired or merged into another.”

Smith says that DFPG’s proprietary transition process, called QuickLaunch, and the firm’s experience in due diligence and alternative investments have been the difference maker.  “We’ve found that reps who want to make a broker-dealer change are often reluctant to follow through because they are afraid of the transition.  We created QuickLaunch as a way to eliminate this concern.  Transitions are never fun, but our QuickLaunch program eliminates a lot of the hassle and, truth be told, sets DFPG apart from all our competitors.”

“When you couple QuickLaunch with our alternative products, our due diligence, and our RIA platform,” continues Smith, “we feel confident that DFPG’s value proposition will resonate in the market and will creating lasting value for our reps for many years to come.”

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DFPG Adds Two New Advisors

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – May 18, 2017 – DFPG Investments is pleased to announce that Coughlan and Coughlan Financial Solutions (CCFS), located in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, has joined DFPG.

CCFS is operated by Jake Coughlan and his father, Jim Coughlan. Prior to joining DFPG, CCFS was a branch office of Wilbanks Securities, which is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In addition to providing financial advisory services, Jim Coughlan works as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

“Jake and Jim have a stellar record and reputation,” says DFPG’s President, Ryan Smith. “We are very pleased that they have joined our firm. As we always say, we work very hard to identify partners that will fit within our culture and follow our core values. Jake and Jim are another great example of the kind of advisors DFPG was built to serve.”

Jake Coughlan noted that DFPG’s clearing and unique custody relationship with RBC, along with DFPG’s expertise in alternative investments, were crucial factors in making his decision. In addition, Jake stated that “DFPG’s commitment to due diligence and compliance are very important to us as we continue to work with our clients.”

DFPG’s CEO, Mike Bendix, says that DFPG has several additional representatives that will join the firm over the next few months. Bendix says, “In the context of today’s regulatory environment, reps are starting to appreciate how pivotal a broker-dealer relationship is to their business and their clients. Frankly, if a rep wants to offer clients access to alternative investments, then the selection of a broker-dealer is probably their most important consideration.”

Bendix, who is also the former president of ADISA, the nation’s largest alternative investment securities association, says that the popularity of the endowment model, along with investors seeking portfolios that aren’t entirely correlated with the market, has created demand for alternative investments.

“DFPG was originally created with the vision to be an industry leader in the alternative investment segment,” adds Bendix. “Over the years, we have expanded our brand. We have great technology, an attractive RIA platform, and several business development products that create value for our reps. But we haven’t lost sight of our mission and core values.”

DFPG Investments Expands Its RIA Product Platform

DFPG Investments, Inc. recently expanded its RIA product platform to include a hybrid-robo offering.  The new platform, called Indexed Managed Solutions (IMS), was formed in partnership with RBC and State Street Global Advisors (SSGA).

Ryan Smith, DFPG’s President, says “The IMS Platform was developed in an effort to provide a low-cost solution that also allows for lower account minimums.” Smith continues, “As the industry prepares for the potential roll out of the DOL Fiduciary Rule and as the robo-advisor trend continues, we believe it is important to have a solution that allows our advisors to work with clients at all account levels while maintaining a competitive fee structure.”

DFPG’s CEO, Mike Bendix, says that “DFPG is widely recognized as an industry leader in alternative investments and securitized real estate.  But we also have a very compelling RIA solution that complements our broker-dealer brand and broadens our ability to compete in the marketplace.  Our IMS Platform is one example of the types of things we are doing.”

In addition to its IMS Platform, DFPG provides its advisors with several other platforms.  For example, DFPG’s Advisor Managed Solutions (AMS) Platform enables advisors to direct their client’s investments, whereas the RBC Managed Solutions (RMS) Platform provides advisors with access to a broad array of separate account managers (SMAs) vetted both by RBC as well as DFPG’s in house analyst team lead by Dr. Jeff Brimhall, PhD, CFA®.

Since January 2015, DFPG’s RIA has experienced considerable growth.  Ryan Smith, DFPG’s President, says that, “As we continue our leadership in the alternative investment space, we feel it is equally important to provide our advisors and their clients access to a best-in-class wealth management division and much of our recent growth stems from advisors who are joining our RIA.”

Smith says that several factors explain the growth of DFPG’s RIA.  “As the industry continues to shift towards more fee-based models, advisors still need access to alternative offerings and the due diligence a BD partner can provide.  DFPG strives to provide the best of both worlds: a unique and complimentary alternative platform on the BD side, and a competitive wealth management platform on the RIA side.”

Smith adds, “DFPG’s RIA is a great solution for existing investment advisors who need a new partner and want a better relationship with their broker-dealer, or for advisors who are transitioning their business to a fee-based model, but don’t want to open their own RIA.  We have created a streamlined and comprehensive solution for advisors and their clients.”

DFPG’s RIA Platform features a unique clearing and custody relationship with RBC, a state-of-the-art technology solution for investment advisors and their clients, and an in-house CFA that helps manage the various product platforms.

DFPG Investments Adds Two New Offices

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – February 16, 2017 – DFPG Investments, Inc., a dually-registered independent broker-dealer and investment advisor, announces that Jon Hulsey, of Hulsey Financial based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Brent Reed, of Brent Reed Financial Services based in Lake Kiowa, Texas, have joined DFPG.

DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix says, “We are excited to add Jon and Brent to the DFPG family. These are two well-respected professionals that we feel complement the DFPG brand and culture. As with all of our reps, Jon and Brent are committed to putting their clients first, which is a core value at DFPG.” In addition to his role as CEO at DFPG, Bendix recently completed his term as President of ADISA, a national association for investment professionals working in alternative and direct investments.

“When I began exploring the move to a different RIA and broker-dealer, DFPG immediately jumped to the top of the list,” says Hulsey. “I was already acquainted with members of their due diligence team, so I understood why DFPG is a recognized leader in alternative investments.” Hulsey adds that DFPG’s clearing and custody relationship with RBC was another key factor in his decision.

Reed stated that leveraging DFPG’s capabilities in alternative investments, along with a robust traditional platform, is a powerful and unique combination. “Even though the regulatory environment continues to evolve,” says Reed, “investors still want access to great product and service. DFPG presented a compelling plan and the flexibility to operate in today’s changing environment, while still giving me access to the products my clients need.”

Ryan Smith, DFPG’s President, says that DFPG has invested in the infrastructure and resources to remain a leader in alternative investments, despite regulatory uncertainty within the industry. “We realized a long time ago that our industry was heading towards some important shifts. Consequently, we created a plan that included making investments in our compliance and due diligence departments, introducing new technologies and resources, and launching a strong wealth management division.”

Smith continues, “Nothing can fully insulate you from changes in the industry, or even cycles in the market. But we feel confident that the plan we created adequately addresses our objective to ensure that the DFPG brand grows in the face of potential headwinds.”

“DFPG’s underlying philosophy is simple and hasn’t changed,” adds Smith. “We fundamentally believe that investors will always have an appetite for alternative investments. DFPG has positioned itself as an industry leader because we focus on finding the right product, focus on the right values, and partner with the right reps that fit our culture and demonstrate a commitment to putting investors first.”

Q&A with Mike Bendix

The DI Wire recently interviewed outgoing ADISA president Mike Bendix and president-elect John Grady.  Bendix also serves as DFPG’s CEO.

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Two Former Industry Executives Join DFPG Investments, Inc.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – September 16, 2016 – DFPG Investments, Inc. (DFPG: www.dfpg.com), a dually-registered independent broker-dealer and RIA, announced that Mike Crimmins, formerly the CEO and Managing Director of KBS Capital Markets Group, and Robert Straton, previously a Senior Vice President at Cole Real Estate Investments, have joined DFPG.

DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix says “Both Mike and Bob are widely respected within the industry. Each have held important roles and done some impressive work for well-known companies. We are pleased to associate the DFPG brand with two outstanding professionals.” In addition to his role as Chief Executive Officer at DFPG, Mike Bendix is the current President of ADISA, a national association for investment professionals working in alternative and direct investments.

Mike Crimmins spent many years at KBS Capital Markets, advancing through various positions before his departure as the CEO and Managing Director of KBS Capital Markets Group. “Anyone working in the alternative investment space knows DFPG has established itself as an industry leader,” says Crimmins. “When it came time to make this pivotal transition in my career, I needed to partner with a company that provided a compelling platform and a recognized brand. DFPG was the clear choice because they provide me with all the resources I need.”

Crimmins adds, “I recently spent a week at DFPG’s annual Real Estate Boot Camp and their Rep Conference in Deer Valley, Utah. I was blown away by the effort this company makes to educate its reps. I have been attending events like these for decades, and can tell you that no one is doing it as well as DFPG.”

Robert Straton worked at Cole Real Estate Investments for several years before founding NW 1031 Planning, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon. “Because of my background and familiarity with real estate investments, I was very particular about which broker-dealer would enable me to successfully launch my new company. I wanted access to great products and to work with people whose values aligned with mine.” Straton says, “Within the first few minutes of speaking with DFPG, I knew that this group cares deeply about the company culture, and I already knew they are best in class when it comes to their approach to alternative products.”

DFPG’s President Ryan Smith said, “It is a testament to the hard work of our due diligence and compliance teams that DFPG is able to attract people like Mike and Bob. These are two veterans who know the industry very well. If our products and solutions meets their needs, then I am confident that we are getting a lot of things right, because these are two very discerning individuals.”

Smith continues, “When you create a company and methodically build a brand, you are making assumptions about what reps and investors want. Many of these assumptions came from the founding partners’ experience as reps working directly with clients, something we still do. But I can’t adequately express how gratifying it is to know that the investments DFPG has made in our people, our processes, and our industry relationships have resonated with so many other professionals, like Mike and Bob.”

“The recent growth trend at DFPG is a reflection of the value we seek to create and our ability to consistently deliver on that promise,” added Smith. “I am proud of our team and we are very optimistic about the future.”

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Matthew Poole Joins DFPG Investments

DFPG Investments announced that Matthew Poole, CFP® has joined their firm.

Poole co-founded Presidio Capital Management which grew by over $100M in assets under management since 2012.  He is the newest addition for the Utah-based broker-dealer and RIA which is experiencing record growth.  “While our national presence continues to expand,” says DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix, “we are continuously focusing our efforts on developing the DFPG brand and our organization. It is very gratifying that a business owner and advisor of Matt’s caliber has chosen to join us.”

Ryan Smith, DFPG’s President, welcomed Poole to the DFPG family.  Smith says, “We are very happy to bring Matt over to DFPG.  He has a great reputation and a real desire to provide exceptional service to his investors.  We are excited about the added value that DFPG delivers in fueling, if not accelerating the growth of Matt’s business.”

“I’m thrilled about partnering with DFPG,” says Poole. “While making a decision like this is never easy, I’m confident the resources and solutions offered by DFPG will enable me to elevate the experience we provide our clients.”

Poole also noted that DFPG’s differentiated product platform and due diligence capabilities better support the needs of his clients. “Frankly, within minutes of meeting the executive team at DFPG, their expertise was evident.  We always place the client first and so it immediately became clear this move will make a material difference for them, while also helping distinguish our business from the competition.”

Bendix says that DFPG is “100% committed to protecting our widely recognized leadership in alternative investments, while also preserving our unique company culture.” In addition to his chief executive role at DFPG, Mike Bendix is currently serving as the President of ADISA, a national association for investment professionals working in alternative and direct investments.

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DI Wire Highlights Mike Bendix’s Comment to SEC Regarding Definition of Accredited Investor

The DI Wire recently highlighted ADISA and IPA’s joint comment to the SEC regarding the definition of accredited investor (read the comment here). DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix is currently the president of ADISA and, as a result, took an active role in writing the comment. The manner in which the term accredited investor is defined, which the SEC revists every four years, carries important implications for investors and the types of investments they are able to puruse.

In review of the joint comment, the DI Wire concluded:

“The two organizations noted that, ‘the potential for market disruption and investor harm that might result from changing the definition outweighs any potential investor protection or other public policy benefit, and believe that changes to the definition might in fact negatively impact the ability of companies and businesses across the country to raise needed capital for their operation and growth.’”

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FundFire Interviews DFPG’s Mike Bendix about Non-Traded REIT Market [paywall]

FundFire recently interviewed DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix about the non-traded REIT market and the recent entry of Blackstone.  Bendix contributed several observations about the non-traded REIT market along with what impact Blackstone’s entry may have.  You can read the full interview [paywall] here.

In addition to working as DFPG’s CEO, Bendix is serving as the president of ADISA.

DFPG Adds Three New Reps

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – August 15, 2016 – DFPG Investments, Inc. (DFPG: www.dfpg.com), a dually-registered independent broker-dealer and RIA, announces that John T. Lady and Terry C. Lady of Providence Wealth Advisors out of Greenville, South Carolina and Williamsburg, Virginia have joined their firm. In addition, Curt Ladd of First Financial Center out of Dallas, Texas has also joined the firm.

All three representatives were formerly with VSR Financial Services. In sum, these offices represent $154MM in assets. With the addition of these three representatives, DFPG continues on a growth curve that has welcomed many new offices to the firm during the past few quarters.
Reflecting on DFPG’s recent success, the firm’s President Ryan Smith says, “We talk to a lot of advisors, and there are three areas of concern that continue to surface in those discussions. First, these advisors want access to quality alternative products with a group dedicated to compliance and due diligence in this arena. Second, they want a close relationship with their broker-dealer and RIA and they are tired of being a number. Lastly, they understand the shifts taking place in the industry and they want to make sure they affiliate with a firm who offers a robust fee-based investment advisor platform.”

DFPG’s CEO Mike Bendix also commented on DFPG’s growth by adding, “Our team has tried to create a brand that is recognized for an expertise in alternative investments and a family-oriented company culture. Since most of the DFPG executive team have been advisors themselves, we believe that there is strong demand in the market for what we have worked so hard to create.” In addition to his chief executive role at DFPG, Mike Bendix is currently serving as the President of ADISA, a national association for investment professionals working in alternative and direct investments.

“This was not an easy decision and we took our time to find the right kind of relationship,” says John Lady of Providence Wealth Advisors based in South Carolina. “DFPG offers a compelling product platform, but our decision to join was largely determined by our trust and fit with the DFPG team and culture.”

Regarding his move to DFPG, Curt Ladd from First Financial Center said, “I’ve worked hard to build my business and create long-term relationships with my clients. Out of everyone else I spoke to, I felt like DFPG would best help me to keep doing the things I’ve always been doing, and to open up some new opportunities as well.”

Ladd concludes, “I asked myself which group is the best fit for my clients, both now and looking toward the future, and DFPG came out way ahead of anyone else. This is the main reason I chose DFPG.”

DFPG Investments, Inc. is a national, full-service, independent broker-dealer and registered investment advisor that specializes in working with representatives who want to incorporate alternative investments, with an emphasis in investment real estate, in their business. More information about DFPG, including media inquiries, can be directed to Nick Hansen (nhansen@dfpg.com).