2017 Annual Rep Conference | Summary Notes

DFPG Partners,

On behalf of the entire DFPG Team, we want to thank you for your participation in this year’s DFPG Annual Rep Conference at L’Auberge in Del Mar, California. It is always a pleasure to spend time with each of you and reconnect both professionally and personally.

We hope you found the conference engaging and informative, and we also hope you left with some actionable insights that can be applied to your practices. We are proud to call you our partners and friends, as we continue seeking ways to improve the lives of our investors.

The themes for this year’s conference were Winter is Coming and Solve for Why. We will continue to address these two initiatives as we move forward. It is our goal to provide you the tools and resources necessary to help you navigate an ever-changing industry and to put you at a competitive advantage as we embrace the change that is taking place within our industry.

Two of our Core Values are to “Pursue Opportunity” and to “Embrace Change.” We believe that races are won in the turns and that the current turns taking place in the industry will create new opportunities. However, those opportunities need to be pursued with caution and with a very defined set of objectives. We look forward to working with the new Tactical Advisory Group (“TAG Team”) as we continue to develop ideas, initiatives, and outreach programs that are designed to strengthen your practices.

As always, we value your feedback and input. We thank you again for your partnership and your contribution to the vision of DFPG. Please let us know how else we might be of assistance to you.

Thank you!

Summary Schedule

Panel #1 – 1031: Truth or Dare

  • Mike O’Toole (AEI), motoole@aeifunds.com
  • Brian Mitts (Highland Capital Management), bmitts@highlandfunds.com
  • Adriana Olsen (Passco), aolsen@passco.com

Panel #2 – The Annuity Evolution: Changes & Trends

  • Marc Rogers (WealthVest), mrogers@wealthvest.com

Panel #3 – Private Equity & Credit: An Institutional Approach for Retail Investors

  • Gzim Muja (CNL Securities), gzim.muja@cnl.com
  • Derek Schwartz (CION), Lindsey – lwhite@cioninvestments.com
  • Pisoot Senethavilay (Ascendant Capital – MBD for GPB), pisoot@ascendant-cap.com
  • Ben Volok (Owl Rock), mcardall@colecapital.com
  • Jeremy Francioli (Triloma), mcardall@colecapital.com

Panel #4 – A REIT-vitalization

  • Matt Cardall (Cole Capital), mcardall@colecapital.com
  • Luke Kendall (Griffin), Maria – mchen@griffincapital.com
  • Brett Kearney (NorthStar Securities), bkearney@northstarsecurities.com
  • Chet Bogdan (SC Distributors), cbogdan@scdistributors.com
  • Jason McMurty (Steadfast), Angela – abarbera@steadfastcmg.com

Panel #5 – Investing from the Ground Up: The Opportunity in Development

  • Kyle Bourne (Bourne Financial Group), kyle.bourne@bournefg.com
  • Ben Schick (Cobalt Capital – MBD for Epoch Residential), ben@cobaltcapitalinc.net
  • Randy Grudzinski (Empire), randy@theempiregroupllc.com
  • Gary Stair (Mewbourne Oil), gstair@mewbourne.com

Panel #6 – The Search for Income and Growth

  • Todd Williams (Hamilton Point), twilliams@hamiltonpointcapital.com
  • Don MacKinnon (SoundPoint Capital), dmackinnon@soundpointcap.com
  • Matt Peoples (PTX Securities – MBD for Sealy & Company), mattp@ptxsecurities.com
  • Alexander Anderson (Time Equities), aanderson@timeequities.com