DFPG Adds Greenbook Wealth Management

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – July 3, 2017 – DFPG Investments, Inc., a dually-registered independent broker-dealer and investment advisor, is pleased to announce that Greenbook Wealth Management, located in Englewood, Colorado, has joined DFPG.

Greenbook Wealth Management is operated by Jerry Gruber, an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience, who was previously affiliated with National Planning Corporation (NPC). Gruber and his team will bring an estimated $80M in assets to DFPG.

“Greenbook Wealth Management will be a great fit at DFPG,” says DFPG’s CEO, Mike Bendix. “Jerry and his team not only needed a broker-dealer with a high level of experience in alternative products, but they also needed a compelling RIA platform. This unique combination is at the heart of what we’re doing at DFPG.”

Gruber says that he and his team reviewed a handful of broker-dealers, located throughout the country, as they explored their options. “Frankly, I’m never switching broker-dealers again,” Gruber said, “so I needed to get this final transition right and to make certain I could service my clients for the long-term.”

Gruber continues, “DFPG has an alternative product platform that I need in order to serve my clients. When you combine DFPG’s product platform with their due diligence, company culture, and their transition process, DFPG truly stood apart from all the other broker-dealers. We’re very excited about the new partnership.”

Ryan Smith, DFPG’s President, spoke with Gruber several times during the review process. “Jerry was very serious about getting this decision right. He asked a lot of hard questions and was very methodical. In the end, I think our team did a fantastic job demonstrating the value DFPG creates for offices like Greenbook and we’re happy they recognized DFPG’s reputation in the alternatives space and our RIA platform.”

DFPG’s transition process, called QuickLaunch, is a proprietary system that DFPG developed to onboard offices in a seamless and efficient manner. Gruber noted that DFPG’s QuickLaunch provided assurance that Greenbook’s transition to DFPG would be less cumbersome to him, his staff, and his clients. “DFPG said from the start that they complete on transitions, and their QuickLaunch process gave me and my team the added assurance that our transition would have a plan and a comprehensive system.”