As a result of many requests, we are pleased to announce that DFPG’s 2017 Real Estate Boot Camp will be hosted online (see schedule and register below). Hosting this year’s Boot Camp online will allow everyone, from past participants to your entire staff, to easily and conveniently benefit from this valuable curriculum.

DFPG’s Real Estate Boot Camp focuses on the fundamentals, along with many of the technical details, associated with investment real estate.  From general market conditions to individual property analysis, our Real Estate Boot Camp has become the premiere educational event for representatives that want to better understand the mechanics of REITs, DSTs, 1031 Exchanges, private real estate funds, and other real estate offerings.


DFPG’s 2017 Real Estate Boot Camp

The Commercial Real Estate Market

Up-to-date information about the commercial real estate markets, along with specific asset-level trends, in today’s economic environment. 
Wednesday, June 21st | 2 PM (MT)

Comprehending CAP Rates

Learn what a capitalization rate (cap rate) is and why it is the industry standard for valuing commercial real estate property. 
Friday, July 7th | 2 PM (MT)

Demystifying 1031 Exchanges
Discover what a 1031 Exchange is, and what it isn’t, along with several insights related to commercial real estate and taxation.  
Wednesday, July 19th | 2 PM (MT)

Rates of Return | The Fundamental Five
Master the five fundamental metrics that are commonly used to analyze the rates of return of a commercial real estate property.  
Wednesday, August 2nd | 2 PM (MT)

Appraisal Methodologies
Learn the various methodologies used to appraise commercial real estate and how each method can affect financial and investment reporting.
Wednesday, August 16th | 2 PM (MT)

Financing and Lending
Familiarize yourself with the different ways commercial real estate projects can be financed, the current state of lending markets, and the current benefits and risks to lenders and borrowers.   
Wednesday, August 30th | 2 PM (MT)

The What, Why and Impact of Fees & Expenses
Develop a new understanding for how the fees and expenses of a commercial real estate project can impact overall financial performance.     
Wednesday, September 13th | 2 PM (MT)

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